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How to combine modern and contemporary packaging design?

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modern and contemporary sense of packaging design
I. historical packaging of packaging – refers to the general term of using specific containers, materials and accessories to prevent external factors from damaging internal decoration in the process of transportation, storage and sales, in order to protect goods, identify, sell and facilitate use. As early as the mid-18th century, the packaging of high-end goods had been formed. However, the purpose of packaging at that time was only to protect the safety of goods during transportation. Therefore, the initial packaging of goods is only a simple safety packaging. In the early 19th century, commodities entered the market in the form of wholesale and retail, with unprecedented prosperity. In this way, some retailers began to adulterate low-cost unpackaged goods! The behavior of vendors caused manufacturers to lose their market share quickly. Therefore, manufacturers realize that low-cost goods also need packaging to ensure the quality of goods. Although at that time, people had a certain understanding of packaging. However, the purpose of packaging is only to protect goods, that is, the initial role of packaging. The appearance of the package is also single and uniform. II. Packaging materials the current packaging materials are also very rich. There are paper packaging, plastic, metal, glass, bamboo, wood, ceramics, wild rattan, natural fiber, conforming materials and other packaging materials, as well as adhesives, coatings, printing materials and other auxiliary materials. Paper packaging is very common in our life because of its easy deformation, light weight and strong expansibility. Therefore, it is widely used. However, for the promotion of environmental protection today, paper packaging is obviously not advocated! Plastic packaging – resin is the main component for high-temperature setting. Although plastic is a new packaging material. However, its use rate in packaging materials is increasing year by year. In some developed countries, plastic packaging has slowly replaced paper packaging. Wood packaging – characterized by natural materials, which can be used after a little processing. It is usually divided into hardwood and cork. Like paper materials, wood packaging is not suitable for mass production from the perspective of environmental protection. Metal materials – originated more than 100 years ago. In 1809, the French invented the food can storage method, and in 1841, the British invented the tin can. Thus creating the history of modern metal packaging. Due to the complex processing of metal packaging, the cost is relatively high. The utilization rate is not very high. Glass material – glass is hard and brittle, characterized by transparency and easy processing! However, there are relatively few applications that are very easy to damage! III. packaging and decoration standards for packaging and decoration can be divided into mass, sales and culture. Mass – commodities should have their own consumer groups, and efforts should be made to expand their own consumer groups, so as to make commodities more marketable. In order to make their works popular, designers of packaging and decoration should seriously think for consumers and make packaging become a powerful assistant and wise consultant for consumers to use goods, so as to better serve consumer groups. It is important to find ways to attract consumers. Only the expansion of consumer groups can bring better market benefits. Marketability – a commodity that has no use value for consumers will not be recognized by the market and consumers. Only the products that consumers need can enter the market and talk about market competition. This is for consumers. However, the goods produced by manufacturers are not necessarily known and understood by consumers. In other words, publicity and promotion must be carried out. Therefore, the packaging of goods should be marketable, and the performance and characteristics of goods should be vigorously publicized to arouse the interest of consumers. Let consumers be interested in goods first, attract consumers’ attention, and increase consumers’ desire to buy goods. Cultural — the current packaging and decoration should not only consider the material requirements of consumers, but also consider the psychological requirements of consumers. In the packaging and decoration, we should reflect the culture, so that the packaging exudes a certain cultural atmosphere and has a certain social appeal. IV. the sense of modernity and the sense of the times of packaging design are linked to the sense of modernity and the sense of the times of today’s packaging design. Compared with commodity packaging, which is the first characteristic directly expressed to consumers, packaging must have its own representative of the times. For example, today, we can still see that most of the packaging in China during the Cultural Revolution used strong red to package goods. This is the influence of the times on commodity packaging and the reflection of commodities on the characteristics of the times in a historical period. When it comes to the modern sense of packaging, the discussion is very broad. The sense of modernity is determined by people’s living standards and aesthetic concepts. I think the “sense of modernity” should exceed our current aesthetic level. For people who are unwilling to accept new things, “sense of modernity” is not welcome. Fortunately, however, the sense of innovation has been deeply rooted around us. People have realized that there can be no development without innovation. Therefore, we are all accepting new things and new ideas. Therefore, now some particularly advanced designs are gradually accepted by everyone. However, while accepting new things, we cannot forget the traditional elements. The color, pattern and making materials have left us a lot of experience. Exquisite ceramic wine cans, with national representative patterns and words with national characteristics. These can appear in the packaging design, which will bring us visual enjoyment.
v. conclusion
design pioneer maluhan said that “media is information”, so we can also understand it as “packaging is product” Art is people-oriented, especially art design is the expression of imagination and experience. Designers’ inspiration for packaging design is endless. At the same time, the improvement of manufacturing technology and more abundant new materials will emerge in endlessly. Therefore, the design of packaging will more influence the consumption concept of consumers. I believe that there will be more beautiful and practical packaging design in our future life
in fact, the most important thing is to accumulate by yourself
see more good designs, such as some graphic design drawings in Xiongshi starry sky, which are still good
I hope it will be helpful to you

it’s mainly color matching!

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