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How to buy vacuum packaging machine

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1. If you only store bacon and sausage at home, it is recommended to buy a household vacuum machine or process it directly in the market, and the cost will not be too high
household vacuum machines are mainly used to extract air through air bags to achieve vacuum effect, but there is a disadvantage of this vacuum machine, that is, if the goods contain water or powder, it will block the air bag, so it will be pregnant. Advantage: cheap

2. If you do some small business, such as selling meat in the market, a single chamber vacuum machine is enough for vacuum machines for chickens and ducks. This is divided into desktop vacuum machines and vertical vacuum machines
principle: the vacuum pump first fills the bag with gas, and then draws out the gas at once to generate negative pressure and deflate to generate positive air pressure, so as to achieve the effect of vacuum pumping
the voltage requirements are generally 220V lighting voltage

3. Like enterprises in general small stores, if the production volume is relatively large, they can use double chamber vacuum machines. If the production is large, they can buy more, and then the manufacturer will design for you and add corresponding production lines. The following is the picture of double chamber vacuum machine
principle: the vacuum pump first fills the bag with gas, and then draws out the gas at once to generate negative pressure, The venting generates positive air pressure, so as to achieve the effect of vacuum pumping
voltage requirements: 220V of 400 type is enough. If you want better vacuum effect, you can add a vacuum pump. At this time, you need to change it to 380V commercial power, otherwise the expected effect will not be achieved. 380V commercial power is used for 500 and 600 vacuum machines
you can choose a vacuum pump according to your own needs. Generally, you can choose 020 pump, which is cheap and economical. 63 pump and 100 pump are relatively expensive. 100 pump is an imported pump, and the effect is also better
4. The company has sufficient funds and large production volume. It is recommended to buy stretch film vacuum machine for mass production and mass packaging
the vacuum principle of the production line is the same as that of the double chamber vacuum machine, which uses 380V power.

I. (precautions for model selection and purchase) according to the main structure and configuration components of the vacuum packaging machine, a high-quality vacuum packaging machine must meet the following basic conditions: 1. Select a high-quality vacuum pump. The vacuum pump must be able to ensure that it has a good brand. The products produced by old enterprises in the industry, such as pumps of well-known manufacturers in Shanghai and Nantong, LEYBOLD in Germany Busch brand is worth choosing. 2. Electrical components must be the products of standardized low-voltage electrical appliance manufacturers to ensure safety, reliability and durability, because the electrical control part is the brain of the packaging machine. The composition of the whole machine control circuit must ensure the convenience of maintenance and the universality and standardization of spare parts. It is strictly prohibited to use the old series, old model and system electrical switches and other components that have been officially eliminated by the Ministry of mechanical and electrical engineering of the people’s Republic of China (although such products reduce the cost of manufacturers, they add trouble to users). 3. The steel structure of the whole machine should meet the requirements of frequent use from material to thickness, especially the structure and material of the vacuum chamber body must meet the requirements of food hygiene and the thickness and strength of the standard. Usually, when selling a high-quality packaging machine, the manufacturer or dealer can promise long-term Three Guarantees service for the vacuum chamber body, rather than half a year or one year’s service commitment. 4. The appearance design of the whole machine shall be reasonable and beautiful, meet the professional standardization requirements of mechanical and electrical products (or vacuum packaging machine), and have basic safety. Various prompt signs must be complete and marked at key positions. The nameplate must indicate the equipment number, factory date, technical parameters and executive standards. 5. At present, the standard implemented by the manufacturer of vacuum packaging machine is gb9177-88 standard. The distinction of machine models is mainly determined according to the designed sealing length of this type of machine (i.e. the length of heating row). For example, 400mm long heating row (packaging machine) is called 400 type (usually called), and with this push, 500mm long heating length packaging machine is called 500 type, etc, At present, the models in the market usually include 400, 500, 550, 600, 700, 680, 800, etc. of course, there are many non-standard models that belong to the special use requirements of users, and there should be other more important technical parameters in the structure of vacuum packaging machine. These parameters are different from those of different manufacturers Different brands of vacuum packaging machines are different (for example, double row spacing of 350mm and sealing length of 400mm are called 400 machines, while double row spacing of 450mm and sealing length of 400mm are also called 400 machines). Single chamber type machine and double chamber type machine are based on the sealing length. Therefore, we believe that users should not simply select the model according to the model when choosing the vacuum packaging machine. Generally speaking, because the food (packaging materials) produced by each user are different, the packaging sizes are different, the technical level requirements of vacuum packaging are different, and the requirements for working efficiency are different (output size, etc.), it should be based on the characteristics of users’ own products (including liquid, solid, powder, colloidal, semi-liquid; pickled products, cooked meat, seafood, etc.) The size of the packaging bag (including the width of the bag mouth, the longitudinal length of the bag and the height (thickness) after loading the goods to finally determine which model is suitable for the user.) The main basis for users to determine the model is the sealing length, double row spacing, maximum available height of vacuum chamber, production efficiency of the whole machine, etc. 6. When the vacuum packaging machine is of the same model, the products produced by different manufacturers are different from each other in the above aspects. The key lies in the difference in the configuration level of main components and the difference in quality. Generally speaking, the key factor determining the manufacturing cost of packaging machine is the quality of internal configuration components. The selection of high-grade and famous manufacturers’ vacuum pumps and electrical components is the key to ensure the good working performance and service life of the machine. At the same time, the selection of large air extraction (high air extraction rate) vacuum pump is also an important factor to improve the grade of the machine, but the equipment cost is high. 7. Whether ordering equipment from manufacturers or distributors, customers must understand the professional service ability and service attitude of the manufacturers or distributors, try to choose manufacturers or merchants with excellent after-sales service conditions, and pay attention to reaching real after-sales commitments. 8. When purchasing equipment, technicians with certain electromechanical knowledge can observe the model you want, understand the equipment in many aspects, and beware of the practice of selecting the machine only from the appearance. 2、 Ordering instructions for special specification (non-standard) vacuum packaging machine: users of special specification (non-standard) models must provide the following information to the manufactu
rer so that the manufacturer can determine the structural form of the machine and the quotation of the equipment. 1. What kind of products (features and shapes) are packaged and the requirements for packaging effect; 2. Specification and size of packing bag used × Width (seal length) × Height (the height of the package after bagging); 3. Requirements on the packaging quantity produced by the equipment use team (production packaging efficiency): how many packages /hour) 4. Requirements of the use environment on the materials and structure of the equipment. Note: when determining the price with the manufacturer, the customer must understand clearly that the size and structure of the model determined by the manufacturer for the user, especially the selection of materials, materials and internal components. For example, different models, sizes and brands of vacuum pumps will affect the cost and quality of the equipment, The grade of other components may also affect the cost and reliability of this machine.


for household vacuum machines, the following points can be referred to

it depends on how many times you can work continuously. When buying a packaging machine, you first hope that the efficiency will be high. You don’t want to wait for a long time to seal it once

whether the motor will be started during single sealing. Starting the motor will accelerate the loss

the sealing width of vacuum bag. The wider the width, the better the sealing performance, it is difficult to leak, and the storage time is longer

hope to adopt

first, choose the most suitable machine according to your own needs. How to choose the most suitable machine for yourself needs to know the following parameters
1 Calculate the work efficiency you need
2 How to package your products
3 Product package size and vacuum bag size
4 The packaging effect we need
Second, how to choose the machine performance
when choosing the vacuum packaging machine, we should mainly consider the machine configuration, such as vacuum pump, sealing line, circuit board, vacuum chamber thickness and vacuum machine material What we should pay special attention to here is that the market
when we know our own needs and inquire about the equipment of some manufacturers, we can not only avoid wasting time, but also focus more on comparing the performance, configuration and price of vacuum machine. Can choose a cost-effective and practical good machine.

when choosing a vacuum packaging machine, you should choose the suitable one according to the product to be packaged, and then you should take into account the specifications and daily packaging volume of your own products, as well as the performance, quality and price of the equipment. Wankang vacuum packaging machine is your most suitable choice
it goes without saying that we can all think of the benefits of vacuum packaging machine packaging technology. We remember that we used to want to eat delicious snacks from distant relatives. Before we brought them home, the food began to deteriorate. It’s really distressing. They have delicious food that can’t be eaten by more consumers, and we can’t eat it except in person, which not only caused the loss of economic benefits, What’s more important is to bury the skill of delicious food, but it has completely changed after having the vacuum packaging technology. No matter which industry uses the vacuum packaging technology, it has greatly improved all the shortcomings in the past. Therefore, the effect of the vacuum packaging machine is praised by people
(1) food vacuum packaging machine. Vacuum packaging machine manufacturers in China today, most of these packaging machines are driven by servo motors. The more advanced vacuum packaging machine manufacturers will be equipped with color screen touch for convenient operation. At the same time, because such products have high requirements for preservation, the vacuum packaging machine manufacturer should control its temperature before vacuum packaging. The equipment of the vacuum packaging machine manufacturer should be equipped with its own cooling system; Sometimes, an inflation system will be equipped on the basis of vacuum pumping, which can be filled with inert gases such as nitrogen to achieve better quality assurance
(2) medical vacuum packaging machine. It is an exquisite aseptic packaging machine. It adopts special vacuum packaging machine manufacturer’s vacuum system and exhaust device. It is especially suitable for purification in electronics, food, medicine and other industries. Vacuum packaging machine manufacturers use it in dust-free aseptic workshops and other places with high requirements. At the same time, the vacuum pumping form of vacuum packaging machine manufacturers is also more conducive to the preservation of such products for a long time without contact with air, so as to completely eliminate secondary pollution. At the same time, this kind of equipment can also be used in food packaging with aseptic requirements to achieve good results
(3) vacuum packaging machine for electronic products. The figure above is a typical packaging machine for electronic products. Vacuum packaging machine manufacturers are suitable for electronic products, such as semiconductors and crystals, which can prevent moisture and oxidation discoloration of internal metal processing parts. For vacuum packaging, the manufacturer of vacuum packaging machine reduces the packaging volume and saves the logistics cost. It can also vacuumize large and fluffy objects such as fabrics and woolen fabrics. In addition, this model of vacuum packaging machine manufacturers can usually make the finished products have anti impact characteristics, so as to protect precision instruments

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