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How much profit margin does popsicle wholesale have?

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How much profit margin is there in the wholesale of popsicles? Thank you!

“having eaten a five cent salt water Popsicle” is one of the important symbols of people born in the 1970s. Every weekend, Mr. He and his children go to the supermarket together and never forget to buy a cold drink of about 100 yuan home. Children always pick up the ice cream with colorful packaging, while Mr. he calmly carries back a box of salt water popsicles. In Mr. He’s opinion, a one yuan salt water popsicle tastes better than most ice cream

unfortunately, except in supermarkets and some cold drink wholesale stations, there are few salt water popsicles or other popsicles in the freezers of streets or convenience stores

near a community in Hongkou, there are four convenience stores and several cigarette stores with freezers. Only one supermarket can sell this traditional popsicle. The salesperson said that people like to buy ice cream to satisfy their greed, not their thirst. Therefore, the popsicle can only be sold when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees


the price of popsicles ranges from 60 cents to 1 yuan. After removing the cost, the profit can be very limited, which is the main reason why most cold drink manufacturers are unwilling to vigorously produce low-cost cold drinks

Yili, which started with its “bitter coffee” of high quality and low price in 1997, said publicly that after firmly occupying the medium and low-grade market this year, it would launch an attack on the high-grade ice cream market. At the same time, the person in charge of Mengniu cold drink also said that he would try his best to enter the medium and high-end market this year

according to Nestle China, Nestle is currently spending $2.8 billion to acquire Dreyer, the third largest ice cream enterprise in the United States, so as to control the sales share of the global ice cream market. According to the analysis of insiders, once Nestle’s acquisition is successful, it will focus on occupying the lucrative high-end ice cream market. After the acquisition of Dreyer, Nestle will increase its share in the high-end ice cream market in the United States to 60%, and will be able to raise the product price of the high-end ice cream market, and may form a market monopoly in the world, which will also have a great impact on China’s cold drink market.


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