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How much is a vacuum bag? How to calculate the cost price

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first, you should know what kind of material your product is suitable for, and then determine the width, height and thickness of your product. If it needs vacuum packaging and your product is not sharp (such as chicken feet, chicken wings, bones, etc.), it is easy to puncture the food vacuum bag, I suggest you use single layer 7c-8c (C is the thickness unit, 1c = 0.001mm)

then the price of the vacuum bag can be calculated clearly,
Price = [unit price of the first material (length * width * thickness * material) + unit price of the second material (length * width * thickness * material) + unit price of the third material (length * width * thickness * material) + ink consumption price + glue consumption price + labor cost + manufacturer’s profit]

Two bags with similar size and thickness often differ in the materials used. If the price difference between PET /PE and PA /PE is large, because the unit price of pet is much cheaper than that of PA. It may also be caused by the difference in the performance of the two bags. Cooking bags with the same specification and thickness are a little more expensive than boiled bags, because the ink and glue used in cooking bags are much better than boiled bags. Of course, the number of bags you order will also affect the price of bags. If you order 200000 bags and 20000 bags at a time, the price is also different. The manufacturer will spread the cost of fixed materials produced each time to the cost of each vacuum bag. Why is there a waste of fixed materials? You can check the introduction in the production process of vacuum bag

to sum up, the factors that affect the price of a vacuum bag are material, specification, performance and quantity.


print according to size and thickness. If customized, it is recommended that multiple manufacturers compare the prices

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