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How much is a set of sterilized tableware

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usually a set is about a few yuan

due to the use of dishwashers, disinfectors, etc., this industry consumes a lot of power. Therefore, some small workshops have saved a lot of steps in disinfection, and can only be called a dishwashing company at best

many workers don’t even have a health certificate. They all wash dishes and chopsticks in a large basin. The residues of vegetables float all over the basin, and flies fly in the room. After washing, use a bag of plastic film, which is difficult for consumers to judge. Even if some bought disinfectors and dishwashers, they didn’t have to wait for someone to check them in order to save electricity


some workers in the industry also summed up the “experience”: the detergent is not washed, but put aside to control the drying. Such tableware is smooth and shiny after washing, but the detergent is actually eaten by consumers

we have disinfection tape packaging here. A set of tableware is 0.5 yuan for reference (tableware is their own, and they are only responsible for disinfection and packaging)

sterilized tableware is cleaned, sterilized, dried and disinfected by tableware cleaning and disinfection equipment, packaged and sealed, and then distributed to restaurants, restaurants and hot pot shops. The cost of tableware disinfection is about 0.25
I hope I can help you. Please adopt the correct answer. Thank you^_^
your praise or adoption is my motivation to continue to help others.

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