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How much is a gift box

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it depends on your material to calculate the price
generally speaking, the price of gift boxes customized by manufacturers will be lower. A gift box of a few yuan can also be customized. Of course, the price is calculated according to that requirement. If the material is better, the price will be higher
however, if you go to the manufacturer to order gift boxes, the price will be less if the quantity is large, and you can rest assured.

Beijing Bochuang culture is OK, which is mainly determined according to the requirements of your box, including material, process, size, box type, quantity and other factors.

the price of the packing box may vary according to the quantity, material and process of your customized packing box. So if you need to customize the packing box, you need to compare your home more. Then compare the advantages and disadvantages. It’s better to find the printing factory of the source factory, which is more guaranteed
xinbaisheng has focused on printing services for more than ten years and hopes to adopt it

if you want to know more, you can directly contact the manufacturer and ask them for more details. I know a packaging company is very good. Hangzhou Huanyi packaging, you can ask their customer service


the price of the packing box is mainly based on the material, process, box type, size and quantity of your product. If you want to know the accurate and detailed information, you can directly contact the manufacturer and send your requirements to them. The manufacturer of customized packing box will calculate an accurate price for you.

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