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How much is a chili sauce filling machine

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it depends on the scale you buy. It’s manual. It’s available in hundreds. Taobao includes mail
there are tens of thousands or tens of thousands of bigger ones. If you want to buy anything, you can see it on Taobao. Take your time. There is always a satisfied ha ~
from one or two hundred to one or twenty thousand. You can choose from all price ranges and brands

the price of full-automatic chili sauce filling machine is just a few thousand, and semi-automatic chili sauce filling machines are available in thousands to more than 10000. It also depends on the difficulty of filling chili sauce. If the sauce particles are relatively large, we should use our new rotary valve. We also have a sauce filling and capping machine, which is more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The output is not particularly large, but the degree of automation is relatively high and the floor area is relatively small.

this needs to be customized for you according to your output and demand. Generally, the small one is about 10000, and the fully automatic one is about 70000. You can come to the factory to have a look at the machine or test the machine with incoming materials.

the semi-automatic production that needs to be customized for you according to your output and personal needs is about 10000 for a smaller one and about 70000 for a larger one. We still need to make specific plans for you according to your personal output and needs


there are a lot of these. If it’s the manual filling machine with filling at the top and connecting at the bottom, it’s not very expensive. Generally, there are two or three hundred, four or five hundred, depending on your needs

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