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How does the bubble bag inflate?

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The bubble bags bought in the past are ready-made and inflated, but the anti-collision effect is not very good. Now there is an inflatable bubble bag on the market that has good effect, but needs to be inflated. How is this inflatable bubble bag inflated?

bubble bag is a packaging material used for product transportation protection. Before use, the bubble bag is in a roll film shape and needs to be inflated before it can be used for product protection packaging. So how does the bubble bag inflate? What is the inflation method of bubble packaging bag

there is a special supporting equipment mini air cushion air cushion machine for bubble bag inflation. Using the cushion air cushion machine can quickly and conveniently make bubble bags and make packaging more efficient. For bubble bag inflation, just put the coil of bubble bag on the equipment and inflate according to the operation instructions to make a large number of bubble bags. The air cushion machine has a variety of functional styles, and users can choose according to their own needs


if users pack products with uniform specifications and only need to use a single bubble bag, they can choose a mini cushion air cushion machine, which has the advantages of compact body, simple operation and favorable price, and can meet the packaging needs of most small and medium-sized users

if users have many kinds of product specifications and need to use wrapped and filled bubble bag packaging at the same time, Mini Air Classic cushion air cushion machine can be selected, which has high speed, powerful function and stable performance. It can make a variety of bubble bags to meet the packaging needs of most users

air compressor + dust blower, pay attention to control the air pressure within 0.8kg.

there are two ways to inflate the bubble bag: one is that the bubble bag itself has a valve, which can be used with an air compressor and an inflation gun. If you don’t want to buy an air compressor, you can directly inflate it with an air pump like a balloon, but the inflation speed will be relatively slow; The other is that if there is no valve in the bubble bag itself, you need to use the sealing bag making machine, which is a machine that seals while inflating. In this case, it is recommended to use a large amount. You can buy such a small machine.

air compressor + dust blower, pay attention to air pressure control

air compressor + dust blower

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