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How does Midea distinguish between true and false

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first, check whether there are 3C or CQC marks and certificate numbers on the packaging box, instruction manual and nameplate of the product., Compare whether the manufacturer, production address and certificate number are consistent with those on the packing box, instructions and nameplate. If they are inconsistent, it indicates that the certification is false. If there is no certificate number, check the CQC website according to the manufacturer or production address, compare whether the manufacturer, production address and certificate number are consistent with those on the packing box, and you can also check its authenticity

in addition, when purchasing household appliances in shopping malls, businesses can be required to provide copies of 3C or CQC certification certificates. If there are copies, the above methods can also be used to identify the authenticity. If the merchant can’t provide it, you can call 12315 to complain& nbsp;

among Midea’s products, air conditioners, microwave ovens and electric fans have 3C certification, disinfection cabinets and air fresheners have CQC certification, and 3C or CQC marks and certificate codes are prominently displayed on product packaging boxes, nameplates and instructions, which are very easy to identify


extended data

I. buy Midea electric heater – brand

due to the low technical threshold of electric heater, a large number of workshop local small enterprises can also produce electric heater products on the market, which makes the good and bad of electric heater products on the market uneven, especially many small enterprises can not ensure the safety of products in technology. Therefore, we must recognize the brand products

II. Buy Midea electric heater – quality

products with 3C certification (China Compulsory Product) mark, instant power-off function, waterproof and splash proof characteristics and overheating protection device shall be selected; The thickness of the steel plate of the body shell shall be uniform, and the connection between the pieces shall be tight

folding price due to the different purchase of raw materials and processing technology, the prices of products with similar appearance in the market are high and low. Consumers can’t blindly consider low prices when purchasing. In order to pursue profits, some manufacturers use inferior parts in production and manufacturing to reduce costs, which will bring potential safety hazards to consumers

reference source: Midea official website – Midea 3C authenticity identification

first, check whether the packing box is printed with a trademark or brand, and the words in small font are printed in the upper right corner or lower right corner. This kind of packaging means “registered”. Only products with recognized quality are qualified to use this kind of packaging. There will be no such mark on the packaging of Shanzhai products

Second, identify the place of production and the manufacturer. Shanzhai products often imitate on the basis of modifying foreign brands, or directly steal trademarks for deception. At the time of purchase, consumers can pay attention to the manufacturer marked on the outer package or manual of the product, so as to confirm whether it is the genuine product produced by the company

extended data

Midea appliances should pay attention to the selection of switch sockets with different functions in different use environments and purposes. In order to prevent arc burns, switch sockets with super current impact resistance should be selected; In order to prevent children from electric shock, safety sockets with protective doors should be selected to prevent single pole insertion; Household appliances with metal shell, such as floor lamps and washing machines, should use three pole sockets with protective grounding

in the toilet, balcony and other places that are easy to dip in water, the socket with anti splash mask shall be selected; For some equipment sensitive to lightning (such as computers), it is best to use the socket of charged surge protector; In order to avoid wire breakage, the socket with double hole pressing plate wiring mode shall be adopted; The rated current of the power socket shall be greater than the load current of the connected household appliances

1, check whether there is a commodity authorization document for the commodity. When purchasing household appliances, you can ask the merchant to show the trademark authorization document. If not, it is likely to be a fake product

2, depending on the price. The price of Shanzhai household appliances is often much lower than that of genuine products of the same brand and model, with great differences. Before purchasing household appliances, you can properly understand the price information of relevant brands and grasp the normal price range to avoid being cheated

3, look at the packaging and appearance of household appliances. The packaging of genuine household appliances is exquisite, neat and beautiful. The packaging of Shanzhai household appliances is often simple and rough, which looks different from the grade of genuine packaging. At the same time, the appearance of cottage appliances may be uneven, slightly cheap, and even wear marks

extended data

1. Before use, consumers should carefully read the operation manual of the washing machine, remember the above operation methods and precautions, and the most important thing is to follow them

2. Do not let the washing machine work continuously for a long time to avoid excessive motor loss

3. Pay attention to the placement of washing machines. It should be placed on a flat ground, more than 5cm away from walls and other items. Do not put heavy objects on the washing machine to avoid damaging the washing machine

4. Check the power lead frequently. If it is damaged or aging, it shall be handled in time

5. The washing machine should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. After washing clothes, unplug the power plug to ensure safety

6. After each washing, wipe the water droplets and ponding inside and outside the washing machine with a cloth, especially the ponding inside the rubber strip of the door seal; Restore the knobs and keys on the operation board to their original positions

each kind of electric appliance will have a little bar code, which is the code of the machine model. Just call the manufacturer to inquire. As long as it is purchased through formal channels, there is no need to worry about counterfeiting. But the things that are labeled are also beautiful. For example, the energy efficiency label of a Midea refrigerator will indicate the place of production and brand, such as Rongshida refrigerator.

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