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How do small and medium-sized enterprises package brand image? What are the contents of brand packaging design?

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Brand packaging planning content

it is a good choice for enterprises to cooperate with some marketing consulting companies in order to do a good job in brand planning and packaging design. Because when carrying out brand planning and packaging design, if you want to make your brand stand out in the market and win the favor of many consumers, you need to do market research in advance to understand the needs of consumers and competitors, so that you can be more creative and more in line with the psychology of consumers. Now let’s know what aspects of brand planning and packaging design can be carried out
1. Comprehensive and scientific brand research. Brand research? Research what? Nowadays, there are more than ten million social brands, and there are countless brands in the same industry. How to break through among many brands is very important. Comprehensive and scientific brand research needs to fully study and analyze the market environment, target consumer groups and competitors, so as to provide accurate information guidance for subsequent brand planning and decision-making
2. Determine the core value of the brand. What is the brand? Brand is an objective impression that can directly affect people’s consumption behavior. Brand represents a product and a feature. When consumers want to buy shampoo to remove dandruff, they will think of Bawang and haifeisi, which is the value spread by the brand. After comprehensive and scientific brand research, the core value of the brand is determined according to the needs and characteristics of consumers.
3. Visual brand design. Brand image design and brand core values complement each other. Brand image design includes brand logo, brand story, brand emotion, etc. Through brand image design, consumers can have a vivid understanding of the brand and a specific and vivid impression of the brand logo. Packaging is a part of products, which transforms product thinking into visual language of packaging.
in fact, the most important thing in brand planning and packaging design is creativity and characteristics. Now there are too many copycat and homogeneous products in the market, so it is very rare to have their own characteristics, which makes it easier to attract the attention of consumers and stand out from similar enterprises or products. Therefore, enterprises can start from these aspects, so that brand planning and packaging design will be more attractive.

small and medium-sized enterprises say that brand is a fake big empty, sir save and say
what brand to say, just pay attention to unity and cleanliness

1. “Brand personality”: no matter the old brand that needs to be updated or the new brand in the market, the brand image with personality and obvious style is an important content of market competition. Brand image design should create brand associations that can impress consumers and distinguish them from competitors, and form a rich brand association together with the core value of the brand
2. “Brand positioning”: image positioning depends more on the consumption characteristics of consumer groups. In modern society, market competition is fierce, and a foothold can be obtained only by catering to the needs of consumers. Through quantitative survey, qualitative survey, media and advertising survey and audience consumption characteristics survey, the market demand of the brand is subdivided and positioned
3. “Brand naming”: a good brand name is helpful to marketing planning and promotion. If the words are novel and interesting and appear on the Internet for the first time, then its keyword optimization can easily rank first. Novelty + Innovation + easy to remember is the basic idea of online brand naming
if you want to carry out brand packaging, you also need the support of brand promotion:
first, promotion channels. If an enterprise wants to carry out online brand promotion, of course, it must first have a site on the network that can carry out relevant business. Large enterprises can build a professional official website, and small enterprises can rely on various B2C platforms for product sales and services. Whether it is an official website or a platform online store, enterprises need to carefully plan and design the layout problems such as the interface and overall style of the website, so as to have a better user experience
the second is to find hot spots. Although advertising plays an important role in the market entry of new products, its limitations are becoming more and more obvious. The main reason is that all kinds of advertisements have made people dizzying, and the advertising investment of millions of Yuan often sink into the sea. The success of some brands in the market is mainly due to the news effect caused by public relations means and the rapid increase of popularity. The public relations means available to enterprises include: making news, such as consciously connecting celebrities with enterprise organizations or brands on the hot spots of public concern, and making news through public relations activities such as traditional festivals. Third, find traffic. Network marketing can be roughly divided into search engine, mainstream comprehensive portal, vertical industry website, social media platform, etc. Search engine plays an important role in the process of information consultation and acquisition by network users. Through these channels, users enter forums, post bars, microblogs, blogs and other social media for information interaction to obtain the reputation of corporate brands and products. Through these channels, users also enter portal websites and news media websites to obtain brand report information
Fourth, advertising. The vast majority of new products can not enter the market without the cooperation of advertising. Advertising is a powerful tool to improve popularity and shape brand personality. With a network site, the next step is to let users know the enterprise and know the enterprise, which requires advertising. The Internet has a large amount of channels and information. It is good for enterprises to put advertisements in all corners of the network, but it is unrealistic. It not only increases the promotion cost, but also has little effect.


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