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How can the instant noodle packing bag be used?

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hehe, Hello! These bags are very beautiful. There are many doors in our house. Do we sometimes need to hang up some decorations like bead curtains? Hehe, I recommend it here! We can use these beautiful plastic bags that can reflect light to make unique flower curtains
materials: instant noodle bags, one piece of money, several strong threads, small plastic beads (available in small gift shops)
Step 1: first cut these bags according to the hot pressing line and cut them into squares with a side length of five centimeters, and then fold the small square like we folded the folding fan when we were a child, wear it with worn needles and threads, and make five in parallel to make their angles look like small flowers
Step 2: add a few small plastic beads in the middle of each group of flowers to make an interval, which will be more beautiful and luxurious. The length of a flower curtain should be 80 cm
Step 3: find a long stainless steel strip as wide as our door, punch holes every 13 cm, and then attach one flower curtain pendant to the small hole. The beautiful and creative flower curtain is ready! Isn’t it very innovative? Hehe, I hope I can help you!

you can make shuttlecocks, which you kicked when you were a child. You can also sell them. You can also burn them for ignition. Although they taste a little, they are good. You can also sell them directly to waste collectors, but they should not be worth any money. One kilogram is two or three yuan. Do you want to keep them for yourself or turn them into money? Use your head if they become money

throw it away, or collect it and sell it as waste.

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