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How CAD computer tool line drawing relates to the blade configuration of prototype

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The tool of

cutting prototype is equipped with

vibration cutter: cutting corrugated board, EVA, pearl cotton, foam board, KT board, etc. Br> semi threading cutter head: cut corrugated board and Grey Board in pit E and pit F, as well as cardboard film with a thickness of more than 0.8mm
crimping wheel: corrugated board crease line
paper jam cutter head: cutting paper jam and film
pen head: draw the knife die diagram
some cutting prototypes are also equipped with: knife template cutting head, bottom die cutting head and V-groove cutting head4 cutting prototype.

computer cutting prototype is cutting products through computer cutting knife, mainly for corrugated boxes, carton boxes, advertising KT foam boards and shoe leather cutters in the packaging industry. The function of cutting prototype is to replace manual workers to cut samples. It has automatic cutting function. The finished products cut through the cutting machine are effective, fast and save labor. The cutting prototype has four major functions: cutting function, crimping function, drawing function, laser alignment function.


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