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How are Korean packaging combinations? Members look very fashionable

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South Korea’s star making technology is first-class. Generally speaking, South Korea’s star making is mass-produced in the form of combination
first of all, select excellent students in appearance, dance, singing, performance, hosting and other aspects to join the company as interns. The time of trainees varies from long to short. During that period, they need to learn all the skills as artists, including what they are good at and not good at, that is, vocal music, dance, hosting, performance and foreign language, because they are bound to go to Asian countries such as Japan and China for development, as well as how to answer questions, how to catch the camera on the stage, conversation and so on. As for when we can make a debut, it depends on the opportunity. Some trainees have no chance to make a debut. It’s good to be able to dance with senior brothers and sisters on the stage
on the premise of meeting the needs of the market, assuming that several people have been selected as members of the portfolio, several people will be targeted for positioning and packaging. They intend to create some opportunities for them to leave the country, such as being a guest at the concert of senior brothers and sisters, acting in short plays, shooting some print or TV advertisements, and some promoters will do some publicity on the Internet seemingly unintentionally
there are two basic reasons why I like making combinations. First, it is difficult for everyone to adjust. There is no one that everyone likes. There are many combinations, and there is always one that suits your taste. In addition, for companies with mature star making, the cost of launching one person is not much different from that of launching a group of people, while the profits obtained by one person and a group of people are quite different
once they are determined to become famous, the company team will naturally shape them according to the positioning of each member. So it looks very consistent with their image and temperament. It’s all part of the plan.

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