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How about Jiangsu Datang International lvsigang Power Generation Co., Ltd

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the following are the five major power generation companies and their affiliated power plants, basically listing the power generation manufacturers in China. Local thermal power enterprises, self owned power plants and locally owned power plants are not included. Five major power generation companies: China Datang Corporation, China Guodian Corporation, China Huaneng Corporation, China Huadian Corporation Power plants affiliated to China Power Investment Group Huaneng Group: Huaneng Dandong Power Plant Huaneng Dalian Power Plant Huaneng Shangan Power Plant Huaneng Dezhou Power Plant Huaneng Weihai Power Plant Huaneng Jining Power Plant Huaneng Rizhao Power Plant Huaneng Taicang Power Plant Huaneng Huaiyin power plant Huaneng Nanjing Power Plant Huaneng Nantong Power Plant Huaneng Shanghai Shidongkou first power plant Huaneng Shanghai Shidongkou second power plant Huaneng Changxing Power Plant Huaneng Fuzhou Power Plant Huaneng Shantou coal-fired power plant Huaneng Shantou gas turbine power plant Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant Huaneng Qinbei Power Plant Huaneng Yushe power plant Huaneng Xindian power plant Huaneng Chongqing Branch Huaneng Jinggangshan Power Plant Huaneng Pingliang Power Plant Huaneng Yueyang Power Plant Huaneng Yingkou Power Plant Huaneng Hanfeng Power Plant Datang Group: Changshan thermal power plant Hunan Shimen Power plant Jixi power plant Luoyang first Yangshan power plant Luoyang thermal power plant Sanmenxia Huayang power generation company Hebei Matou Power Company Tangshan Power Plant Beijing Datang Zhangjiakou Power Plant Lanzhou Xigu Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Hefei No. 2 power plant tianjia’an power plant Beijing Datang Gaojing Power Plant Yongchang Power Plant Beijing Datang Douhe Power Plant Nanjing Xiaguan Power Plant Anhui Huainan Luohe Power Plant Baoding thermal power plant Lueyang Power Plant Tianjin Datang Thermal Power Plant Co., Ltd. of Jiafeng Electric Power Plant Co., Ltd. of Changchun dayuangyue Thermal Power Co., Ltd Second power plant Taihe first power plant Jiangsu Xutang Power Generation Co., Ltd. Anhui Huaibei Power Plant Anhui Huainan luoneng power generation company Anyang Huaxiang Power Co., Ltd. Xuchang Longgang Power Generation Co., Ltd. Huayin power Zhuzhou Power Plant Huayin Zhuzhou power generation company Jinzhushan Power Plant Huayin Jinzhushan thermal power plant Xiangtan Power Generation Co., Ltd. Hunan Leiyang Power plant Baqiao Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Baqiao thermal power plant Shaanxi Weihe Power Plant Shaanxi Yan’an power plant Shaanxi Hancheng Power Plant Yongchang Power Plant Gansu Gangu power plant Gansu 803 power plant Gansu Liancheng Power Plant Gansu Lanxi Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Guangxi Guiguan Electric Power Co., Ltd. Guiguan Dahua Hydropower Plant Guangxi Yantan Hydropower Plant Chencun Hydropower Plant Wangkuai hydropower plant Zhangjia Jie hydropower development company Helong hydropower plant Yutan hydropower plant Shaanxi Shiquan Hydropower Plant Shiquan Power Generation Co., Ltd. Gansu Bikou Hydropower Plant Bailongtan power plant Huadian subordinate: 1 China Huadian Engineering (Group) Ltd. 2 Huadian Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. 3 Huadian Finance Co., Ltd. 4 Huadian bidding Co., Ltd. 5 Huaxin insurance brokerage Co., Ltd. 6 Beijing Huaxin Insurance Appraisal Co., Ltd. 7 Hebei Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 8 Baotou Donghua Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (under construction) 9 Inner Mongolia Huadian Wuda Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (under construction) 10 Huadian International Power Co., Ltd. 11 Huadian International Power Co., Ltd. Zouxian Power Plant (expansion) 12 Huadian International Power Co., Ltd. Laicheng Power Plant 13 Huadian International Power Co., Ltd. Shiliquan Power Plant 14 Huadian Qingdao Power Generation Co., Ltd. (expansion) 15 Huadian Zibo Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 16 Huadian Zhangqiu power generation Co., Ltd. (expansion) 17 Huadian Tengzhou Xinyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd. 18 Sichuan Guang’an Power Generation Co., Ltd. (expansion) 19 Anhui Chizhou Jiuhua Power Generation Co., Ltd. (under construction) 20 Ningxia Zhongning Power Generation Co., Ltd. (under construction) 21 Huadian Energy Co., Ltd. 22 Huadian Energy Co., Ltd. Mudanjiang No. 2 power plant 23 Huadian Energy Co., Ltd. Harbin No. 3 power plant 24 Harbin Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (expansion) 25 China Huadian Group Harbin Power Generation Co., Ltd. 26 Tieling Power Plant 27 Anhui Huadian Lu’an Power Generation Co., Ltd. (under construction) 28 Anhui Huadian Suzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. (under construction) 29 Jiangsu Huadian Yangzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. (expansion) 30 Jiangsu Huadian Qishuyan Power Generation Co., Ltd. (expansion) 31 Hangzhou Banshan Power Generation Co., Ltd. (expansion) Fujian Huashan Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. (Hubei Huadong Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.) 40 Hunan Huadian changsofa Power Co., Ltd. (under construction) 41 Hunan Huadian Shimen Power Generation Co., Ltd. (under construction) 42 Huadian Xinxiang Power Generation Co., Ltd. (under construction) 43 Sichuan Huadian Yibin Power Generation Co., Ltd. (under construction) 44 Sichuan Huangjuezhuang Power Generation Co., Ltd. 45 Chengdu Huadian Sanyuan thermal power Co., Ltd. 46 Sichuan Huadian Zagunao Hydropower Development Co., Ltd (under construction) 47 Sichuan Huadian Gaoba Power Generation Co., Ltd. 48 Sichuan Huadian Gongxian Power Generation Co., Ltd. 49 Sichuan Zilanba Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. (under construction) 50 Sichuan Huadian xixihe Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. (under construction) 51 Shaanxi Huadian Pucheng Power Generation Co., Ltd. 52 Xinjiang Huadian Kashi Power Generation Co., Ltd. 53

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