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How about a graduate student in packaging engineering at Shanghai University

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Shanghai University packaging engineering
business training objective: this major trains senior engineering and technical talents who have the ability of packaging system design and management, and can engage in packaging system design, quality inspection, technical management and scientific research in commodity production and circulation departments, packaging enterprises, scientific research institutions, foreign trade, commodity inspection and other departments
business training requirements: students of this major should learn the basic packaging theory of protecting products, facilitating circulation and promoting sales, packaging design principles and methods, packaging materials, packaging printing, packaging testing, packaging art design, packaging design and other basic knowledge
graduates should acquire the following knowledge and abilities:
1. Master the basic theories of packaging engineering such as engineering mechanics, materials science, biology and design aesthetics
2. Master packaging technology, packaging structure design method, packaging test and packaging management technology
3. Have the preliminary ability to formulate packaging process and reasonably select packaging materials and packaging equipment
4. Be familiar with national guidelines, policies and regulations on packaging
5. Understand the frontier and development trend of packaging
6. Master the basic methods of literature retrieval and data query, and have the preliminary ability to analyze and solve the technical problems of packaging engineering, research and develop new packaging materials, new structures, new processes, new equipment and technical management
main courses:
main subjects: packaging
main courses: polymer physics and chemistry, engineering mechanics, Fundamentals of mechanical design, packaging materials, packaging technology and packaging structure design
main practical teaching links: including metalworking practice, microcomputer application and operation, packaging CAD practice, testing technology experiment, course design, production practice, graduation practice and graduation design (Thesis)
length of study: four years
degree awarded: Bachelor of Engineering
similar majors: Food Science and engineering, light chemical engineering, packaging engineering, printing engineering, textile engineering, clothing design and engineering, grape and wine engineering, food quality and safety

I haven’t learned much about it. It’s not very famous in the academic circle of packaging engineering. The most famous are Hunan University of Technology (formerly Zhuzhou Institute of technology, the earliest university of Packaging Engineering), Xi’an University of Technology (many current packaging teachers came from here), Jiangnan University (a strong school of food packaging, which is also 211), Tianjin University of science and Technology (the school is average, but many teachers have produced a lot of packaging materials), as well as Jinan University and Wuhan University. The packaging of Shanghai University started early and is not a very old brand. It is relatively general in the major of this school. If you really want to go to Shanghai, you can also consider it

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