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Electric vehicle repairman: Jiuyuan Qiyuan Qiyuan Qiyuan electric vehicle repairman

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I can repair electric vehicles. Under normal conditions, I can repair 50% of chargers and 70% of controllers. There are no electrical and mechanical problems I can’t repair in the whole electric vehicle, except for some people’s problems, such as not running far, making a loud noise, not enough climbing power and so on. 12 hours of working time, a little more. 10 hours, I can accept it. I’m not very expert in fuel vehicles. As long as the problem is not inside the engine, I can fix it. I repaired the fuel car for a period of time and failed to repair it several times. Finally, other masters helped diagnose it and said there was a problem inside the engine. Now I work in an electric vehicle manufacturer in Hubei with a monthly salary of 3500 and a four-day holiday in January. Because I’m from Jiang’an County, Sichuan Province. My father is old. I still want to go back and take care of him. So I want to work for you. I’ve also opened a repair shop. To be honest, it’s not that I can’t make money. It’s easy for me to repair the car, but I can’t deal with customers. Occasionally quarrel with customers. I’m easy to be provoked and annoy others. If you want to use me, try not to let me do things that need to talk to customers. For example, bargaining, whether it is within the warranty scope, and whether there are quality problems. There’s something wrong with the car. Didn’t you fix it last time. It’s annoying. If you can, I’ll go back to Sichuan for the Chinese new year this year. I’ll go to your place for a free trial for two or three days. Try to find some difficult electric vehicles for me to repair and see if I can repair them well. If I pass, I won’t go back to Hubei. I know in Baidu that I answered heiduo’s question about electric vehicles. The question I answered is what I answered. You can find out how my technology is.

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