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Development of green packaging

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green packaging originated from our common future issued by the United Nations Commission on environment and development in 1987. By June 1992, the United Nations Conference on environment and development had adopted the Rio Declaration on environment and development and Agenda 21. Then, a green wave with the protection of ecological environment as the core had started all over the world. According to people’s understanding of the concept of green packaging, the development of green packaging can be divided into three stages
the first stage: from the 1970s to the mid-1980s, “packaging waste recycling and treatment” said that at this stage, the main direction is to collect and treat at the same time and reduce the environmental pollution caused by packaging waste. During this period, the earliest decrees issued were the “military packaging waste treatment standard” of the United States in 1973, and the Danish legislation in 1984 focused on the recycling of packaging materials for beverage packaging. China also promulgated the “treatment and utilization of packaging waste” in 1996
the second stage: from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s, “3R, 1D” said. At this stage, the US environmental protection department put forward three opinions on packaging waste. ① Reduce the packaging as much as possible, and do not use or use less packaging; ② Recycle commodity packaging containers as much as possible; ③ Biodegradable materials shall be used for materials and containers that cannot be recycled. At the same time, many European countries also put forward their own packaging legal norms, emphasizing that packaging manufacturers and users must pay attention to the coordination between packaging and the environment
the third stage: the “LCA” theory in the middle and late 1990s. LCA (life cycle analysis), namely “life cycle analysis” method. It is called “from cradle to grave” analysis technology. It takes the whole process of packaging products from raw material extraction to final waste treatment as the research object for quantitative analysis and comparison, so as to evaluate the environmental performance of packaging products. The comprehensive, systematic and scientific nature of this method has been valued and recognized by people, and exists as an important subsystem of ISO14000

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