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Common faults and work flow of vacuum packaging machine

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the following is the work flow of common faults of vacuum packaging machine

1. The power indicator of vacuum packaging machine is on but the whole machine does not work:

carefully check whether the pump is mechanically stuck, and pay attention to whether there is oil blockage caused by too low temperature or the reliability of motor wiring
2. If the vacuum degree fails to meet the requirements, there is air leakage in the vacuum main pipeline and air bag pipeline of the vacuum packaging machine:
pump the machine to the maximum vacuum pressure, turn off the main power supply, detect the leakage by listening and touching, and deal with it in time
3. The vacuum chamber and cover of the full-automatic vacuum packaging machine are not well sealed:
in this case, you only need to replace the sealing strip at the side of the chamber
3. The sealing quality of the packaging is poor. This may be caused by too short cooling time, too high or too low temperature, and the positions of the upper and lower heating rows are inconsistent:
check the packaged product to see if there are scars or burns on the surface of the product


the following common problems will be encountered during the use of vacuum packaging machine: 1 Low vacuum & nbsp; 2. Loud noise 3 Vacuum pump injection 4 Oil leakage of vacuum pump 5 Large oil fume of vacuum pump 6 No heating 7 Heating does not stop 8 If the sealing is not flat, tight or the steel box is not sealed, adjust the steel box 9 While heating, while not heating 10 11. Pump rotation without vacuum pumping The vacuum packaging machine is one of the most widely used and sold packaging equipment in the packaging industry. Compared with the traditional packaging machinery, the vacuum packaging equipment rarely fails. However, due to the high degree of automation, the machine may fail due to operation errors, resulting in the failure of normal packaging work, and the maintenance cost of the vacuum packaging machine is relatively high, Therefore, it is very necessary for us to learn to solve the common small faults in production

common fault workflow

1. The vacuum chamber is deformed. We know that the quality of food vacuum packaging machines in the market is different, and uneven quality is very common. In order to be cheap, many manufacturers can look at the equipment at the beginning of purchasing, but after using it for a period of time, it is very easy to have this deformation. If the upper cover of the vacuum packaging machine cannot be closed, there will be

2. It may be the wrong operation of the customer that causes the reverse connection of the wires. People with life experience know that if the power line of the vacuum machine with 380V power supply is connected reversely, the vacuum pump will reverse, and then the failure of the upper cover of the vacuum chamber to close can be explained. Of course, in this case, the vacuum machine can’t work and can’t vacuum. This situation is very easy to solve. Just reconnect. However, the operator had better not make such low-level mistakes, which will cause great damage to the equipment

3. The travel switch is damaged. When the upper cover of the vacuum chamber is closed, it needs to touch the travel switch on the machine. However, if the upper cover is not touched or the travel switch is faulty or damaged, the upper cover of the vacuum chamber can not be closed

common faults of full-automatic vacuum feeder:
1. When the vacuum feeder is in use, the compressed air connection of the full-automatic vacuum feeder is 0.4-0.6mpa. Insufficient pressure of compressed air supply will lead to insufficient back blowing force, which will lead to the dust summarized by the filter of full-automatic vacuum feeder cannot be cleaned, Thus, the suction speed of the vacuum feeder is affected
2. The pipe connection of the full-automatic vacuum feeder needs to be firm to prevent air leakage from affecting the vacuum degree
3. Install the barrel ring of the vacuum full-automatic vacuum feeder in place, check whether it is completely placed on the s side, and replace it in time if there is any damage, so as to prevent air leakage from affecting the material suction efficiency;

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