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Colored smoke, what kind of smoke is it

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it’s called “Jiaozi”. It’s made in Sichuan, but the color on the picture is p. the real color is orange. It’s not so beautiful, and it has been discontinued.

first of all… It seems that there is only white smoke. Even if there is, it is also added with chemical components. Did you see the picture of smoke mixed with various colors on the Internet? That’s definitely PS. even if that kind of smoke exists, it will certainly do great harm to human body. Nicotine deposition in human body has done great harm. If there are some harmful chemical components deposited in human body, all kinds of strange diseases will be caused! If the smoke pole is colored, there are many… Black devil, red devil, little captain, DJ, and more. People in the cigarette bar must know

it should be a hundred years of colorful life

: the content of tar is 1 to 10mg, nicotine is 0.1 to 1.0mg, Flue cured tobacco and cool tobacco
: “ordinary pink pink pink and mint green mint (in addition to colorful boxes). As shoubainian belongs to flue-cured tobacco, it is recommended to choose green, which is good for protecting women’s voice. Shoubainian tobacco is printed with golden eagle on its cover, which is a regular cigarette in the British royal family.” It’s a light taste. It’s more delicious with a little mint. However, this kind of is different from salon. Maybe the thin filter makes the taste break through the siege slowly before reaching the mouth. The appropriate concentration is emitted after the maximum value, which is more intoxicating.


colorful white longevity Hall

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