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Classification of packaging bags

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according to the manufacturing process, it is often divided into plastic packaging bags and composite packaging bags
classified by production raw materials: high pressure polyethylene plastic bags, low pressure polyethylene plastic bags, polypropylene plastic bags, PVC plastic bags, etc
classified by appearance: vest bag, straight bag, three-dimensional bag and square bottom bag. Sealing bag, plastic strip bag, special-shaped bag, etc
Plastic packaging bags include plastic woven bags and plastic film bags. The former has the characteristics of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance. After adding plastic film lining, it can be moisture-proof and moisture-proof; The load capacity of light bags is less than 2.5kg, that of medium bags is 25-50kg, and that of heavy bags is 50-100kg. The latter’s light bag has a load of more than 1kg; The load capacity of medium-sized bag is 1-10kg; Heavy duty bag 10-30kg; The load of container bag is more than 1000kg

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