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Classification of cushioning packaging materials

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cushioning materials are generally classified into two types: by shape and by material
classification by shape:
1. Cushion block; 2. Molded products; 3. Thin flake, fibrous; 4. Granular
5. Partition, gasket, frame and template; 6. Buffer structure (spiral spring, plate spring)
classification by material:
1. Fibrous material. Cellulose, such as wood silk, paper, pulp, rice straw, wheat straw,
synthetic fiber; Animal fibers, such as pig bun, wool and felt; Mineral fiber, asbestos, mineral cotton
2. Substances with bubble structure. Natural rubber, synthetic rubber, foam plastic,
eva foam and bubble plastic film with appropriate softness. Br> 3. Corrugated paper, honeycomb paper and corrugated paper
4. Buffer device. Spring, suspension device
5. Gas column structure. Environmental friendly synthetic plastic film

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