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Can the pressure-sensitive gasket be in direct contact with food?

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can the pressure-sensitive gasket come into direct contact with food? Yes, no problem. Pressure sensitive gasket, also known as pressure sensitive gasket, is composed of pressure-sensitive adhesive and PS foam sealing gasket. It can be pasted at the mouth of the bottle under the action of external force to seal and keep fresh
it is a single-chip type without aluminum foil. It provides sealing function by the pressure on the bottle cap lock at room temperature.

sometimes it’s in direct contact, but the contact surface is not large. It should be no problem

it’s better not to. It’s not accurate when it’s polluted.

No, pressure-sensitive gasket (also known as sealing gasket) is a kind of sealing spare parts used in machinery, equipment and pipelines as long as there is fluid. It uses internal and external materials to seal


the pressure-sensitive gasket is made of metal or non-metal plate-shaped materials through cutting, stamping or cutting processes. It is used for the sealing connection between pipes and between machine parts of machinery and equipment

according to the material, it can be divided into metal sealing gasket and non-metal sealing gasket. Metal gaskets include copper gasket, stainless steel gasket, iron gasket, aluminum gasket, etc. Non metallic ones include asbestos gasket, non asbestos gasket, paper gasket, rubber gasket, etc.

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