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Can film blowing machinery produce winding film

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development of film winding machine
at present, the film winding machine in the market is no longer a traditional packaging machine, but a perfect combination with the packaging assembly line
with the rapid development of science and technology, experts claim that if only relying on the traditional production and development mode, it is difficult for film winding machine enterprises to adapt to the development of society and survive. The development of film winding machine industry must be in line with the following aspects:
1. Make the structure of new film winding machine more standardized and modular by using the modular design of the original machine, Realize the conversion of new models in a short time
2. High accuracy of structural motion. Structural motion control is related to the performance of packaging machinery, so high-precision controller must be used to complete it
3. Develop towards intelligent control. The controller is the brain of machinery, that is, the main equipment for issuing action commands. In the future, packaging machinery must have the conditions of multi-function and simple adjustment and operation
4. Develop towards diversification. The refined and diversified development of market commodities indirectly requires the film winding machine to be market-oriented and develop towards diversification.

the properties of the two provinces are different. The winding film belongs to tape casting film, so the film blowing machine cannot produce winding film,

it depends on what kind of machine you use and how you mix ingredients

Yes, the output is smaller


no! Winding film is cast!

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