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Bottle mouth pco1881, why is it called that? What is the meaning of 1881
for example, 3025 bottle mouth is called 3025 bottle mouth because the diameter of the lock ring is 30 and the inner diameter of the bottle mouth is 25;

the first plastic bottle mouth in the world is the 1716 bottle mouth designed by Alcoa for the American market. The second is the PCO bottle mouth, which is designed according to British Standard (BPF), also known as 1810 bottle mouth. Later, it developed into a series, 1816, 1817, 1821, 1823 and so on. According to the function, it is divided into carbonic acid hot filling asepsis and so on. According to the internal structure of the material, it is divided into two types: crystalline and amorphous at the bottle mouth. Now it has been gradually replaced by the lightweight 1881.

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