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Ask about the standard of food GMP

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get it from the local food industry association or relevant certification authority. The local standards are different every year

food GMP management
the purpose of GMP document management
an important feature of GMP implementation is to make all documents prevail. According to the requirements of GMP, all activities of production management and quality management must be reflected in the form of documents
the establishment of a complete file system can avoid accidents caused by language errors or misunderstandings, so that there is a standard for how to carry out an action, and after the action is completed, there are words to check, so as to “check with evidence, trace and trace”
the purpose of GMP document management
therefore, the main purpose of establishing a complete document system is to:
clearly specify the quality management system to ensure high-quality products
whether the action can be carried out depends on the words, so as to avoid the risk of errors caused by pure oral means
there is only one standard for how to carry out an action to ensure that relevant personnel receive relevant instructions and implement them effectively, standardize the behavior of operators and ensure the compliance with GMP. The document system provides various standards and regulations
after any action, there are written records to check. You can investigate and track the defective products, find out the causes and track down the responsibilities, so as to provide a basis for improvement
the written document system is helpful to carry out GMP training for enterprise members, maintain good internal contact and facilitate GMP certification
the establishment and improvement of the file system will promote enterprises to implement standardized, scientific and legal management, and promote enterprises to seek benefits from management
several core concepts in the file system
who – who will do it
what – what to do
when – when to do it
where – where to do it

why not – why not
How – how to do it

classification of standard documents:
technical standard documents
management standard documents Work standard document
1 Technical standard documents
these technical standard documents are technical specifications and standards issued and formulated by the state, local governments, industries and enterprises, such as process procedures and quality standards. (including raw materials, auxiliary materials, process water, semi-finished products, intermediates, packaging materials, finished products, etc.)
2 Management standard documents
management standard documents refer to the written requirements such as systems, regulations, standards and methods formulated by enterprises for the standardization and standardization of administrative production planning, command, control and other management functions. Such as the use, maintenance, repair and repair system of plant, facilities and equipment, material management system, enterprise staff training system, etc
3. Work standard document
work standard document refers to the written requirements such as regulations, standard procedures and so on for the work scope, responsibilities and work content assessment within the authority of people or groups. Such as job responsibility instructions, post responsibility system, post operation methods, standard operating procedures, etc
records and vouchers
records and vouchers are the implementation results that reflect the implementation of standards in actual production activities
records, such as production operation records, original inspection records, reports, accounts, etc
vouchers are documents, certificates, cards, and cards that represent the status of materials, objects, equipment, rooms, etc., such as product certificates and semi-finished product handover documents
document preparation procedure
1 Proposition and code
proposition: the title should clearly explain the nature of the document
coding: the designated department is responsible for coding and registering the documents according to the coding regulations
document preparation procedure
2 In principle, the drafter is the personnel of the document issuing department. (in case of SOP, it shall be drafted by the post operator himself or with the assistance of the technician.)
meeting draft: participated by the heads and executors of relevant departments and responsible departments that execute the document
Modify: the drafter modifies according to the comments of the meeting draft
document preparation procedure
3 Approver
the approver is usually the department leader or superior leader of the drafter
the reviewer is responsible for reviewing the content, code, format and formulation procedures of the document, checking the legitimacy, standardization, operability and unity of the document, and conducting joint review if necessary
document preparation procedure
4 Approver
the approver is generally the superior leader of the reviewer
the approver is responsible for reviewing the content, code, format and formulation procedures of the document, checking the coordination between departments, the unity between documents and the legitimacy and operability of the document. The approver is responsible for issuing the effective date
document preparation procedure
5 Distribution and training
distribute and register documents according to the provisions of the Distribution Department
before the implementation of a new document, training and learning should be organized and strictly implemented from the effective date of the document
document preparation procedure
6 Cancellation and archiving
when the revised document takes effect, the old version of the document will be automatically invalidated
all the documents of the old version should be taken back and destroyed except those archived
preparation content of various documents
process procedure:
Quality Standard:
post operation method:
preparation of process procedure
definition: the quantity of starting materials and packaging materials required to produce a certain number of finished products, as well as process instructions and precautions, including one or a set of documents controlled in the production process
formulation principle: each product shall have process regulations
formulation basis: product registration data and requirements of relevant national laws and regulations; The internal control standards and methods depend on the technical data accumulated in the process of product research and development, the results of process verification and daily monitoring of production process
formulation Department: generally formulated by the research and development department, implemented by the production department and supervised and managed by the quality management department. Enterprises without process development department can be drafted by the production department, reviewed by the technology department and reviewed and approved by the quality management department
main contents: examples
preparation of quality standards
health food


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