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Are there any specialty stores in Shanghai for Sakura range hoods? where?

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please tell me where the cherry blossom store is? What’s the phone number? thank you

main performance indexes of range hood

Deng Xu, senior engineer of small household appliances room of China Household Appliances Research Institute /Wang Qiaodong, engineer
include two aspects – Identification and operation manual of range hood. The range hood shall be marked with its model, manufacturer or dealer’s name, trademark, rated voltage and rated input power. If the range hood has a lighting bulb, the maximum power of the bulb allowed to be replaced shall also be marked on or near the lamp holder. In addition, the control device and switch of the range hood shall be marked with numbers or words. At the same time, each range hood shall be attached with a Chinese operation manual to help consumers use it safely. The minimum distance between the range hood and the supporting surface of cooking utensils on the stove shall be 65cm, and it is forbidden to bake the range hood directly by fire

Mechanical hazard


when the range hood works normally, the fan blade is driven to rotate by the motor to achieve the purpose of smoke absorption. Therefore, for these operating parts, there should be protective shells, protective covers, etc. these parts should not be removed without tools, and there should be a certain mechanical strength

anti electric shock protection

the structure and external structure of the range hood shall ensure that the user will not accidentally touch the live parts, especially when the user is replacing the lighting bulb, it shall be able to prevent touching the live parts at the lamp cap


during maintenance or cleaning, the range hood may touch the electrical connections in the internal compartment. These wiring cannot be hooked to make it subject to tension. In addition, the structural design of the range hood shall consider that it is easy to effectively remove the accumulated grease and dirt, and its electrical connection shall not be set in the exhaust channel when there are electrical clearance requirements, so as to avoid unsafe hidden dangers caused by the reduction of electrical clearance due to pollution. Generally, the range hood needs to be fixed on the wall for use. Therefore, in addition to keys, slots, hooks, etc., it is also required to have a suitable device to fix it on the wall. At the same time, this device should be made of metal that is not easy to move or deform

requirements for non-metallic materials

the non-metallic materials used on the range hood cannot be flammable materials to prevent the range hood from catching fire. Common such as lampshade plate, oil collecting box, control panel, etc. shall be able to withstand the test of heat resistance and flame resistance

air volume

air volume refers to the amount of air delivered per unit time at the sampling point under the specified test conditions. Obviously, the more air delivered per unit time, the greater the air volume. The air volume of the range hood calibrated in the national standard shall be ≥ 7m3 /min

air pressure

air pressure refers to the pressure value when the air volume is specified under the specified test conditions. In the current national standard, the pressure value when the air volume is 7m3 /min shall be ≥ 80pa

total pressure efficiency

generally speaking, efficiency. Its meaning is: the ratio of the product of the specified air volume and the pressure at the specified air volume to the motor power at the specified air volume. The efficiency is directly proportional to the air volume and air pressure and inversely proportional to the input power of the motor


the noise of the range hood is the a sound power level measured according to the specified test method under the specified test environment and conditions at the maximum speed. The standard shall not be greater than 74dB

you can have a look at the selection and removal of exhaust, which is taken from the purchase of range hood

1 Pay attention to the motor, bearing, blades and operating noise of the range hood. The most important component of the range hood is the motor. At present, the quality of domestic motor can fully meet the design standard of range hood. Therefore, when purchasing range hood, it is not necessary to superstitious about imported motor; Bearing is also an important part of range hood. The quality of bearing is directly related to the noise. At present, there is a certain gap between domestic bearings and foreign advanced level in technology, which can be considered as one of the factors when purchasing. When purchasing, pay attention to the motor with ball bearing, which has a long service life; All metal plastic sprayed fan blades should be selected, which are strong and durable, stable dynamic balance and more conducive to the separation of oil and smoke. At the same time, press the motor switch of the range hood repeatedly to compare the running sound after the motor is started and closed. The less the noise, the better

2. Note that the more fans are not the better. Most range hoods are equipped with one fan, but some range hoods are designed with two fans. Are two fans better than one? In fact, no matter one or two fans, the exhaust gas goes through the same flue. If the left and right fans operate at the same time, because the speed cannot be consistent, the air flow discharged by the two fans may collide, which will increase the consumption of range hood. Therefore, it is not recommended to select two fans

3. Pay attention to the size of suction and check that suction is the main functional index of range hood. The size of suction is directly related to the smoking rate of range hood. The suction mainly depends on the motor power of the range hood. The greater the motor power, the greater the suction. Do we choose the range hood with the largest power on the market? In fact, it’s not. You should decide according to the situation in your family. If the population is small, the taste of family members is light, and there is no need for large oil fire during cooking, then a large amount of oil smoke will not be generated during cooking, and it is also possible to reduce the motor power. During shopping, some shopping guides will give you on-site demonstrations. For example, put a newspaper under the range hood, and then turn on the machine. With suction, the newspaper will be quickly and tightly adsorbed on the range hood. Almost all range hoods can achieve this effect. Therefore, it is not easy for you to distinguish the size of wind force. Therefore, don’t be misled by some salesmen. Some salesmen blindly emphasize to consumers how strong the suction of a range hood is, and lead consumers’ attention to a simple point, so that consumers ignore their understanding of other aspects. In fact, in China, the development of range hood has been more than ten years. It is no longer a technical problem to ensure the strong suction of range hood. Except that the suction of range hood is strong, it is necessary to do it, just like a bicycle can run and an electric fan can be turned on. Otherwise, it cannot be sold. Because the air volume standard of range hood is not clearly specified in the national standard. Therefore, consumers must use some simple methods to test. The simplest way is to test by hand, that is, turn on the range hood and put your hand near the air inlet to feel whether there is a reverse wind phenomenon; Put your hand at the air outlet and feel the wind; Put your hands on the screws and joints of the range hood and check whether there is air leakage. The negative pressure produced by the range hood with no backwind, no air leakage and strong wind is uniform and high, and the smoking effect is good. Note that the smoke exhaust effect of the range hood that can suck up the washbasin or newspaper is not necessarily the best. The balanced smoke exhaust type range hood has the largest s
moke exhaust rate

4. Pay attention to whether the range hood is clean. It is smoked and burning all day. It is exposed to greasy and difficult to clean oil smoke, which is easy to be polluted by oil and dirt. Oil dirt on the range hood will not only affect the cleanliness and beauty, but also affect the normal operation and service life of the range hood to varying degrees. Therefore, it is very necessary and important to recognize the self-cleaning design of range hood when purchasing. In this regard, various manufacturers have used a lot of thought. For example, the impeller surface is treated with oil-free coating; The double oil circuit design is adopted, and an inclined oil spill opening groove is added to make the oil accumulated on the inner wall of the shell flow out along the groove hole, and the oil separated by centrifugal fan flows into the oil receiving cup through the oil drip hole to prevent oil leakage; The body adopts elastic connection, which is convenient for disassembly and easy to clean. These are reasonable designs. For example, Haier Group recently launched a group of cxw188 series range hoods with European style, large streamline design and environmental protection. This series of range hood is equipped with multi-layer special filter screen. After the oil fume in the inhaler is filtered and discharged outdoors, it can reduce the pollution to the outdoor air; In addition, this series of range hood also has self-cleaning function. It selects high-quality, efficient and high-power motor and is equipped with multi leaf ion double impeller. The impeller surface adopts Teflon oil-free coating and multi-layer special filter screen. The body is always in a clean state, which greatly reduces the trouble of users cleaning the range hood

5. Pay attention to the structure, manufacturing process and design of range hood. The inner layer of the hood structure of the range hood must not have joints and grooves. It must be a double-layer structure and integrated, otherwise it will be full of oil and oil droplets. Over time, it will not only be difficult to clean, but also leak and drip oil. In addition, we should also know whether there is a double-layer oil net design to ensure that the range hood is free from oil and really free from disassembly and cleaning. This is very important, because as the range hood is used for a long time, oil will enter the body, and the fan blades will be greasy with oil and affect the speed. At this time, the suction of the range hood will become weaker and weaker. In addition, with continuous disassembly and cleaning, all parts of the range hood will be lost and deformed, which will not only cause trouble to consumers, but also affect the smoke removal effect, and even greatly reduce the service life of the range hood

6. Attention should be paid to brand selection. Choose the products of large and medium-sized enterprises through formal sales channels. These enterprises have a reliable service network, guaranteed after-sales service and good product quality. For example, Haier, Fangtai, Midea, SHUAIKANG, cherry blossom and other brands. Experts believe that the range hood can not be removed and cleaned frequently. There are two reasons: on the one hand, the range hood is often disassembled and cleaned, which affects the service life of the range hood. Because each range hood is precisely assembled and strictly tested by the factory assembly line when leaving the factory, so as to ensure that the installation of key components such as motor, turbine and oil circuit of the range hood is accurate and in place, and the assembly is completed under the state of digital control through the production line with high-tech content. In the process of dismantling and cleaning the range hood, the parts will inevitably bump and lose the protective coating of key parts. In addition, due to the limitations of assembly and testing conditions, the corrosion resistance will be greatly reduced, which will affect the service life of the product; On the other hand, often dismantle and wash the range hood will inevitably affect its use effect. It is inevitable that the key components will be slightly deformed during the cleaning process, or the components are not installed in place during the assembly, which will increase the resistance of the machine, increase the energy consumption, noise and reduce the suction, which will seriously affect the use effect. In addition, poor power connection will also affect its safety performance. Therefore, the range hood should not be disassembled and cleaned for many times

because the air volume standard of range hood is not clearly specified in the national standard. Therefore, consumers must use some simple methods to test. The simplest way is to test by hand, that is, turn on the range hood and put your hand near the air inlet to feel whether there is a reverse wind phenomenon; Feel the wind at the air outlet; Put your hands on the screws and joints of the range hood and check whether there is air leakage. The negative pressure produced by the range hood with no backwind, no air leakage and strong wind is uniform and high, and the smoking effect is good. Attention, can you wash the basin

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