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A cloth bag for packing powdered food materials, such as large materials made into powder, which can be boiled in the pot. What material is this cloth bag!

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1 chicken, proper amount of ginger, green onion, garlic, red onion, dry pepper, large material, black pepper, olive oil, rattan pepper oil, raw pumping, old pumping, salt, honey and lotus leaf

method 1 Wash the chicken, prepare the ingredients and chop it up
2. Mix the ingredients and spread them on the inside and outside of the chicken
3. Cover the chicken with fresh-keeping paper and put it in the fridge to marinate for one night
4. Wrap the chicken and ingredients together with a piece of fresh lotus leaf
5. There is a packet of spontaneous flour at home, which is just for use, hair noodles and wake-up noodles
6. After the chicken is wrapped in lotus leaves, spread out the noodles and wrap the chicken in it
7. Put the wrapped chicken in a tray and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 1 hour and 20 minutes

1000g hen
50g chicken (diced)
100g pork
50g shrimp (red)
30g ham (diced)
20g fresh mushroom (diced)
4 lotus leaves
100g salad oil
5g salt
ginger (end) 10g
2 anise
50g cooking wine
appropriate amount of sesame oil
50g sweet sauce
50g lard
20g sugar
25g shallot
4 cloves
50g shallot

practice 1. Remove the hair, viscera and wash the chicken. Add soy sauce, yellow rice wine and salt, marinate for 1 hour, take it out, grind cloves and star anise into fine powder, add jade fruit powder and evenly rub it on the chicken


2. Put the pot on the fire, add lard and burn it until it is 50% hot, add scallion and ginger, and then fry the diced chicken, lean pork, shrimps, diced cooked ham and diced mushrooms in the auxiliary materials into the pot respectively. After coming out of the pot, cool and stuff them into the chicken belly

3. Put a clove in the two armpits of the chicken, then wrap the chicken body tightly with pig net oil, wrap a layer with lotus leaves, wrap a layer with cellophane, wrap a layer of lotus leaves outside, and then tie it firmly with fine hemp rope

4. Grind the wine jar mud into powder, mix it with water, and spread it flat on a wet cloth (about 1.5cm thick), then put the bundled chicken in the middle of the mud, lift the four corners of the wet cloth and wrap the chicken tightly to make the mud stick firmly, then remove the wet cloth and wrap it with wrapping paper

5. Put the wrapped chicken into the oven and bake it over high heat for 40 minutes. If the mud is dry and cracked, fill the cracks with mud, bake it over high heat for 30 minutes, then bake it over low heat for 90 minutes, and finally bake it over low heat for 90 minutes

6. Take out the roasted chicken, knock off the mud on the surface of the chicken, untie the rope, remove the lotus leaf and cellophane, and pour sesame oil on it

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