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2011 dairy production license enterprises, I want to be detailed, that is, the total number of enterprises in the country, online, etc., thank you!

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the following infant formula milk powder manufacturers “pass the customs”:
1 Hunan Changsha Yahua Dairy Co., Ltd.
2 Hunan Nanshan Food Co., Ltd.
3 Hunan Aoyou dairy (China) Co., Ltd.
4 Hunan Yahua dairy Holding Co., Ltd.
5 Tianjin Tianjin Yili Dairy Co., Ltd.
6 Tianjin duojiaduo dairy (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
7 Tianjin mecco Gaote (China) Goat milk Co., Ltd.
8 Shanxi Gucheng Dairy Group Co., Ltd.
9 Shanxi Yashili Dairy Co., Ltd.
10 Inner Mongolia oushimeng dairy products Co., Ltd.
11 milk powder division of Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
12 Inner Mongolia Jinhai Yili Dairy Co., Ltd.
13 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir friendship dairy (Group) Limited liability company
14 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir agricultural reclamation snowflake Dairy Co., Ltd.
15 Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir Yahua Dairy Co., Ltd.
16 Jilin Dunhua Meijian Dairy Co., Ltd.
17 Jilin Zhenlai Jinhe Dairy Co., Ltd.
18 Jilin Baicheng Longdan Dairy Technology Co., Ltd.
19 Heilongjiang Bei’an Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd.
20 Heilongjiang Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd 8511 branch
21 Junchuan branch of Heilongjiang Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd.
22 Shuangcheng branch of Heilongjiang Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd.
23 Heilongjiang Bei’an Yipin Dairy Co., Ltd.
24 Heilongjiang Daqing dairy factory Co., Ltd.
25 Heilongjiang Daqing LVYE Dairy Co., Ltd.
26 Heilongjiang durbert Jinshan Dairy Co., Ltd.
27 Heilongjiang Durbert Yili Dairy Co., Ltd.
28 Heilongjiang Feihe (Gannan) Dairy Co., Ltd.
29 Heilongjiang Harbin huijiabei Food Co., Ltd.
30 Heilongjiang Harbin Senyong Dairy Co., Ltd.
31 Heilongjiang Harbin Prince Dairy Industry Co., Ltd.
32 Heilongjiang hailun Xing’anling Dairy Co., Ltd.
33 Heilongjiang aolezi Dairy Co., Ltd.
34 Heilongjiang beinmei Dairy Co., Ltd.
35 Heilongjiang Changqing Dairy Co., Ltd.
36 heihei Longjiang Heilongjiang Chenying Dairy Co., Ltd.
37 Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co., Ltd.
38 Heilongjiang hongniao Dairy Co., Ltd.
39 Heilongjiang Hongxing Group Co., Ltd.
40 Heilongjiang Huadan Dairy Co., Ltd.
41 Heilongjiang Heilongjiang Longdan Dairy Technology Co., Ltd.
42 Heilongjiang Meilu Dairy Co., Ltd.
43 Heilongjiang Mingxiang Dairy Co., Ltd Limited liability company
44 Heilongjiang Nongken Duoyuan Dairy Co., Ltd.
45 Heilongjiang Nongken cradle Dairy Co., Ltd.
46 Heilongjiang Nongken Zhengyuan Dairy Co., Ltd.
47 Heilongjiang Yi’an County cradle Dairy Co., Ltd.
48 Heilongjiang Zhaozhou County cradle Dairy Co., Ltd.
49 Heilongjiang Fuyu Star Food Co., Ltd.
50 Heilongjiang Guangguang Mingsonghe Dairy Co., Ltd.
51 Heilongjiang Nongken Huawei Dairy Co., Ltd.
52 Heilongjiang Nongken Longwang Food Co., Ltd.
53 Heilongjiang Suokan Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd.
54 Heilongjiang Yashili Dairy Co., Ltd.
55 Heilongjiang Qiqihar Mingyi Dairy Co., Ltd.
56 Heilongjiang Shuangcheng Nestle Co., Ltd.
57 Heilongjiang Yichun huijiabei milk Shanghai newbez nutritional Dairy Co., Ltd.
58 Shanghai Huaguan nutritional Dairy Co., Ltd.
59 Shanghai Huaguan nutritional Dairy Co., Ltd.
60 Shanghai Chenguan Dairy Co., Ltd.
61 Shanghai Domex Infant Food Co., Ltd.
62 Jiangsu Wyeth nutritional products (China) Ltd.
63 Zhejiang bainmeike industry and Trade Co., Ltd.
64 Zhejiang Hangzhou bainmeimaternal and infant nutrition Co., Ltd.
65 Zhejiang Hangzhou Weiquan biotechnology food Co., Ltd.
66 Anhui Huainan Yiyi Nutrition Food Technology Co., Ltd.
67 Fujian Mingyi (Fujian) Infant nutrition Co., Ltd.
68 Fujian Fuding Chenguan Dairy Co., Ltd.
69 Jiangxi hero Dairy Co., Ltd.
70 Jiangxi jinbojin Ecological Technology Co., Ltd.
71 Jiangxi Xiongying Dairy Co., Ltd.
72 Jiangxi Meilu Dairy Co., Ltd.
73 Shandong Shengyuan nutritional Food Co., Ltd.
74 Shandong Maigao dairy (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.
75 Shandong Qingdao Suokan Nutrition Technology Co., Ltd. Jiaozhou branch
76 Hubei Yichang beinmei Food Technology Co., Ltd.
77 Hubei duelbert Yili Dairy Co., Ltd. Wuhan Branch
78 Guangdong Yashili Group Co., Ltd.
79 Guangdong Shien (Guangzhou) infant nutrition Co., Ltd.
80 Guangdong Mead Johnson nutrition (China) Co., Ltd.
81 Guangdong Abbott (Guangzhou) Nutrition Co., Ltd.
82 Guangdong Yijiaren Food Co., Ltd.
83 Guangdong Guangzhou bosero Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
84 Guangdong yabeishi (Shenzhen) Dairy Co., Ltd.
85 Guangxi Beihai beiyinmei nutritional food Co., Ltd.
86 Yunnan new hope Dengchuan diequan Dairy Co., Ltd.
87 Shaanxi Shengtang Qinlong Dairy Co., Ltd.
88 Shaanxi Xi’an Xiyangyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
89 Shaanxi Xi’an Yanliang Baiyue Dairy Co., Ltd.
90 Shaanxi Guanshan Ruifu Dairy Co., Ltd.
91 Shaanxi Xi’an Lintong Hongxing Dairy Co., Ltd.
92 Shaanxi Xi’an Yinqiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
93 Shaanxi Xi’an BeiDuo nutritional food Co., Ltd.
94 Shaanxi Heshi Dairy Co., Ltd.
95 Shaanxi Guanshan Dairy Co., Ltd.
96 Shaanxi Hongqi Dairy Technology Co., Ltd.
97 Shaanxi youlishi Dairy Co., Ltd.
98 Shaanxi meien Dairy Co., Ltd.
99 Shaanxi Jinniu Dairy Co., Ltd.
10 0 Shaanxi Dingbian Dairy Industry Co., Ltd.
101 Gansu Heshui Guxiang Dairy Co., Ltd.
102 Gansu Gannan Liaoyuan Dairy Co., Ltd.
103 Ningxia Xuequan Dairy Co., Ltd.
104 Ningxia Hongguo Dairy Co., Ltd.
105 Ningxia Zhongning Yellow River Dairy Co., Ltd.
there are several others under inquiry

no one will give you this answer. There are too many. The first batch of people from each province may come out, and some others will be published in succession in the next few days. This is a very huge project. It’s easy to give you a list. You’d better pay attention to the website of the Provincial Bureau of quality supervision.

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